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We aim to provide training for all levels of agility, from total beginners to a high quality competition standard in a friendly and enjoyable environment.  Agility is a fun sport for both dogs and handlers, and at Shrewsbury we aim to keep it that way!


Naturally the safety of our dogs is always paramount, so before beginning training we do insist that a dog is at least 10 months old and is in good health - fit and not overweight.  


It is also essential that your dog is capable of basic obedience - sit, down, stay, wait and a good recall will suffice.  If you have a young dog and think you would like to try agility, get the basic obedience sorted out first and you'll be well placed to start training.  

Your dog does not have to be a border collie or working sheepdog to enjoy agility,  Agility caters for all dogs with different classes for differetly sized dogs -  the Kennel Club classifications (which is what we use at Club) are Small, Medium and Large.  Even in the large size, non-collie dogs compete successfully.  


In order to enter KC competitions, all dogs have to be registered with the KC, either on the breed register or the activity register.  On joining the club, you'll be given details of how to do this.  


We also hold two shows each year, which pay to run the club and help keep training costs down.  All members are expected to attend and help at these shows, and of course compete if they are ready to do so!  

Please note that we are an agility training club so do not do flyball, obedience or puppy socialisation.  We are not able to make recommendations for trainers.  

Please note the club is run by volunteers and is not for the profit of the members nor committee.  

Please bear this in mind when contacting us.